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The VDMA members’ meeting will be held with the theme “Connecting success” in Berlin on November 10 and 11, 2016.

Connected companies in mechanical and plant engineering can achieve more – especially given the current challenges on the international markets and in the digitalization of the economy. VDMA is the key to a successful network, turning challenges into opportunities and playing an active role in shaping the future. In three working groups, VDMA invites its members to discuss core future topics in mechanical engineering and to use this as the basis for developing new ideas for success.

Ensuring free trade

One working group will look at the question “Ensuring free trade – What can policy makers and the mechanical engineering sector do?”.
Foreign trade is essential in order to maintain wealth levels in Germany. “This is particularly the case for the German mechanical and plant engineering sector, whose export quota of almost 80 percent means that it relies on open markets,” said Ulrich Ackermann, VDMA Foreign Trade. It is the role of policy-makers to create the framework needed. For its part, the industry needs to continuously adapt its strategies to the constant changes in the market environment.

Backbone of the transition to alternative energies

With its innovative solutions, the mechanical and plant engineering sector is the technological backbone of a successful transition to alternative energies. The export figures are proof that the technologies are in demand all over the world. The “Exporting energy transition” working group shows how energy technologies are developing in key markets. The aim is to highlight export opportunities for the industry, given the wide variety of conditions on the various markets.

Industrie 4.0: New business models

The third working group will examine the topic of “Industrie 4.0: New business models – Mission possible”. Industrial production is at the very heart of the digitalization of society, and the German mechanical and plant engineering sector plays a crucial role in this. Industrie 4.0 is making new business models possible, and their development has already started. The working group will look at the approaches in mechanical engineering, how other industries are tackling the issue and how IT companies are developing business models.



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