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Every year, VDMA publishes its joint economic positions on the following topics: labor market and wage policy; foreign trade policy; education policy; securing a skilled workforce; energy policy; European policy; research policy; social security; tax policy; technology policy; environmental policy; and sustainable state. The Association also publishes monthly brief position papers on current topics.


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“Policy-makers need to be fully aware that they will only be able to combat the challenges of economic policy by getting their house in order in general.”

Dr. Reinhold Festge, VDMA President

Euro crisis, Greece crisis, refugee crisis... policy-makers are constantly in crisis mode, but they often neglect to resolve urgent issues outside the everyday business that makes the headlines. “Policy-makers need to be fully aware that getting their house in order in general is the only way they will be able to combat the challenges of economic policy – and would in fact stop many problems arising in the first place.”

At the moment, policy-makers seem to be fairly successful at muddling through. The labor market is amazingly stable, the economy is not suffering any worrying fluctuations and the national budget is moving towards the black, as promised. But the fact remains that they are just muddling through. That is all. The consequences are already clear to see. The refugee crisis alone will cause unemployment to rise again, growth rates remain low, the public infrastructure is falling apart, private investment is stalling and the figures in the black are threatening to take on a somewhat redder tone. If policy-makers continue to sit on the fence and fail to tackle the tasks that go beyond fighting fires, they will produce even more difficult situations.

Every year, the VDMA outlines the areas in which it considers action necessary in its economic policy positions. They indicate the new challenges facing policy-makers and the tasks that have – unfortunately – yet to be resolved. But above all, our economic policy positions are an incitement to initiate reforms where they are needed, so that doing business remains a joy in the future.

The European policy positions “Strong industry is our shared goal – Where Europe needs to become better” provide an overview of the focus topics of the Association’s work in Brussels and set out our sector-specific views on EU-related topics.


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