Exporting the Energy Transition

Working Group II will examine the market prospects of energy technologies in Europe, China and Indonesia at this year's Members' Meeting on November 11, 2016 in Berlin.

Barely any other country in the world has been able to match Germany's energy transition. One thing is certain, however: Paris' climate conference in December 2015 continues to drive the worldwide demand for renewable energies and energy-efficient products. With its innovative solutions, the mechanical and plant engineering sector provides technological answers to the question of how to satisfy the world's increasing demand for energy while also combating climate change.

The sector's high export figures clearly show that demand for German technologies is increasing around the world, and the digitalization of the energy world is providing further impetus to an already dynamic industry.
Working Group II, “Exporting the Energy Transition”, will examine the development of energy technologies in the target markets of Europe, China and Indonesia at this year's VDMA Members' Meeting. The aim is to highlight export opportunities for mechanical and plant engineering companies under various market conditions.

Opportunities thanks to Paris

Matthias Zelinger, VDMA Energy Policy Spokesman and Managing Director of VDMA Power Systems, and Dr. Markus Tacke, CEO Wind Power & Renewables at Siemens AG, will interpret the results of the 2015 climate conference and assess the prospects on the world market. In three marketplaces, the participants will then have the chance to find out about beacon projects and gain practical tips for implementing their product strategies.

Tips based on sample markets

Most of the world's established and growth markets are found in Europe. The EU single market is an example of a market that is already highly regulated. Rainer Kiechl, CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, stands at the ready as an initiator.

Indonesia is an excellent example of a market on the cusp of becoming a growth market. Due to its geographic structure and location, the island state especially benefits from local solutions for power supply and efficiency measures. Regina Brückner, CEO of Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co KG, will report on her experiences with the market. When it comes to China, the focus is on a typical autocratically regulated market, in which several high-growth markets for renewable energy technologies already exist, but the energy system still needs to be brought up to date. Dr. Peter Fath, CEO at RCT Solutions GmbH, will offer practical insights into this exciting market. Experts from external organizations will also be available.

In the closing round, the mechanical engineers will discuss the question of how policymakers can support export activities with Matthias Zelinger and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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